The operational arm of ACIMGA, CPA SpA, has signed an agreement with the International organization Allworld Exhibitions for the creation and promotion of the new Printech trade fair brand.

Strategic the aim: to create an area dedicated to the converting, package printing and labeling sectors in the series of longstanding ProPak brand packaging fairs, deeply rooted in the most promising markets of Southeast Asia. The operation starts off with Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Their names are Printech Vietnam, Printech Asia, Printech China, Printech Myanmar and Printech Indonesia. These are five new shows dedicated to printing and converting technologies. The trademarks are jointly owned, in equal shares, by ACIMGA, the Italian machine manufacturers’ association, and the International B2B events organizer Allworld Exhibitions, thus sealing a comprehensive partnership, based on a common vision of support for company exports. Support which starts from the monitoring of the companies’ needs and objectives, to undertake a study of the target markets and identify the most influential and effective channels, going on to organize and set up the exhibition spaces, manage the logistics and supply what the exhibitors need to ensure an effective and sustainable presence, this also on an economic and organizational level.

«Organizing Printech within the field of packaging events visited by brand owners of emerging markets – ACIMGA Director Andrea Briganti said on this count – is part of our new policy that favours the supply chain approach and community dialogue. It is not by chance, therefore, that the agreement between CPA SpA and Allworld Exhibitions opens a privileged showcase in packaging fairs where setting up an area dedicated to converting offers clear benefits to all packaging community stakeholders, from the supplier to the brand owner. On the one hand, in fact, our exhibitors are positioned alongside their customers, ie those packaging producers that use their machines for printing and processing (and vice versa), and with whom it becomes easier to activate contacts and exchanges. On the other hand one has the visitors, who find a trade show offering the latest and best proposals for all the processing steps of a packaging item, enabling users to comply to their business needs in a single visit and to expand their horizons to embrace the perspective of the entire supply chain, gaining valuable information and insights in terms of organization and strategy».

«In fact, all networking undertakings promoted by ACIMGA over the last two years have been inspired by a community approach, from the successful conferences such as the last Print4Pack  held at  Palermo, to the big  trade show Print4All  to be held in 2018: a project that relaunches, in an international perspective, the historic Converflex, Grafitalia and Inprinting brands, empowering them with their convergence into Print4All. And by the organic cohesion with the other Innovation Alliance fairs: Ipack-Ima, Meat-Tech Plast, Intralogistics Italia that, along with Print4All will showcase technologies that serve the entire production chain and that account for – solely considering machines alone – a sector that is worth 19.1 billion euros».

Thus ACIMGA garners the fresh results of a policy of relations that today sees it poised as an authoritative interlocutor with sector supply chain bodies the world over. As reflected, among other things, by a series of trade agreements that designate ACIMGA as an exclusive representative for the sale of the exhibition spaces of its partner fairs.  Fairs which target printing and converting machine manufacturers, Italian or otherwise, along with the accompanying materials, equipment, aids and consumables.

Hence for the new shows under the Printech brand, CPA SpA is the exclusive agent for the entire 28 nation EU. As in previous agreements, with regard to CPP Expo 2017 (Las Vegas, USA), Printech/Rosupack (Moscow, Russia), and Print 17 (Chicago, USA) CPA has taken on a commercial commitment for the area of Italy, while for China Print 2017 (Shanghai, China) the scope of their action also covers France and Spain.