When can a company be really attentive and responsible towards the natural and social environment in which it operates?

In an era of constant “green washing” references, Elisabetta Bottazzoli’s April 28 webinar speech anchors the concept of sustainability to the most recognized international standard (Global Reporting Initiative). 

Elisabetta Bottazzoli is a Sustainability and Circular Economy Manager, and she has been working on sustainability reports with GRI Standards methodology for years, measuring environmental performances both at the industrial site and at the supply chain level.

The webinar of April 28 will be hosted by journalist Matteo Bordone and will see, in addition to Bottazzoli’s speech, the participation of Gianmatteo Maggioni – coordinator of the Italian Rotogravure Group, Andrea Briganti – Acimga’s General Manager and Vincenzo Baglieri – Professor of Practice of Operations and Technology Management at SDA Bocconi School of Management – Executive Director MBA.

The webinar will be an opportunity to provide stimulating content on the strengths of rotogravure printing, on the Total Cost of Ownership of this technology and on the concept of sustainability at a broader sense.  

The online event will be both in Italian and English, as a way to spread the Italian know-how to a potential worldwide audience.

On the 23rd of October, in the amazing Florence setting, the topics of the webinar will be analysed on a deeper level during a one day event which will involve all the speakers scheduled for the original Roto4all event. On the evening of October 22 there will be a networking dinner at b-roof restaurant.

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