Italian Rotogravure Group

The Italian Rotogravure Group was founded by Acimga to promote this printing technology with graphic designers and brand owners; to carry out training courses to give all the necessary skills to staff; to establish a technical table of discussion on national and European regulations impacting on rotogravure; to discuss the innovations which can apply to this technology; and to create an annual event involving all the main figures within the supply chain.

The companies inside the Italian Rotogravure Group by Acimga

The first italian event on rotogravure

A whole day dedicated to this printing technology, wich sees Italy among the world’s leading manufacturers, holding a highly recognised know-how.

“Loving Rotogravure: know it to appreciate it” is the handbook created by the Rotogravure Group by Acimga, which brings together 25 companies in the industry. In just over a hundred pages, the book illustrates all aspects of this printing technology, emphasizing applications and including a handy glossary at the end.