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We are Italy’s leading manufacturer of bespoke printers and converting machines, catering to a wide range of industry needs.

We guarantee quality with our Made in Italy hallmark, pursuing excellence at every step of the production process and establishing important collaborative international relations with a constant eye on the future.

Our goal is to provide innovative and flexible solutions starting from a wide range of flexographic, rotogravure, digital printing machines, coating and laminating machines, and an additional set of 360° training and assistance services. This is the reason why we develop customized, high tech configurations whilst continuously committing to research and innovation, organizational flexibility, the engineering of complete solutions, optimal production processes and distributing a fast and efficient assistance network all throughout the world.

Uteco’s headquarter is located in Colognola ai Colli (Verona) and covers operational space area of 75.000 mq with 5 Plants: Plant#1 with management and administration offices, some technical offices and a part of the production area, with various assembly areas, the ConverDrome® that is the exhibition space for machinery demos and training that hosts the Uteco Academy which is located in Uteco Plant#2, together with a production area and the manuals office, the offices dedicated to assistance and maintenance services and a part of the production area are in Uteco Plant#3 and Uteco Plant#4 is the most recently added plant, built in 2018 and inaugurated in September 2019, which hosts a production area and a winders and unwinders assembly space. Uteco has another important branch in Atlanta (GA) called Uteco North America which guarantees all North American customers the technological support, a warehouse, and an area dedicated to machinery demonstrations.


“Uteco constantly strives to be at the forefront as a market leader in the supply of packaging manufacturers with cost-efficient, technologically innovative printing and converting solutions, in response to changing market requirements, in full compliance with environmental regulations and energy saving needs.”

Aldo Peretti Group Executive Chairman



Flexo Range

Uteco flexographic machines are the best expression of years of research committed into finding innovative solutions addressed to the most various printing demands.

We provide seven flexo presses lines. With these, we are able to meet different printing run needs: from the very short, with the compact machines Onyx XS, to the bigger ones, with Diamond HP and Crystal machines. We cover a wide variety of industries and end-use sectors – from flexible packaging for pharmaceuticals to industrial bags – focusing in particular on sustainable and energy saving printing processes, and on the operators’ safety. Our flexographic presses have highly flexible standard configurations which include Uteco patented technologies and innovative systems, designed to guarantee high quality standards, ergonomics and ease of use, efficiency with no waste.

Rotogravure Range

The experience gained over the years has led us into developing and implementing efficient and cutting-edge solutions capable of satisfying the needs of the most diverse customers.

To date, our roto range is made of three rotogravure printing presses lines, all equipped with the most modern technologies coming from Uteco’s internal research. Next 450, Next 350 and NXS 300 express at their best our innovation process: a very high print quality and the possibility of customizing features according to specific customers’ demands. Our rotogravure presses guarantee limited operational costs, thanks to their faster job changeover times. In addition to this, they are even increasingly adopting green technologies for energy saving and eco-sustainable printing of all diverse packaging, particularly food packaging.

Coating & Laminating Range

These special machines are the result of a complete synergy between our engineering skills and our technological systems, which we already tested in other printing fields widely.

We provide several coaters and laminators capable of working on different substrates, such as film, paper, aluminum, cardboard, PVC, suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as for products of the security and construction sectors (e.g., the substrate that covers roofs); they are also intended for the production of laminated aluminum-paper for cigarette packages, adhesive tapes and label tapes. Our laminating machines are all supplied by an integrated coating and laminating system, which is multi-process and solvent-based, solventless or water-based. They are also featured with a highly flexible design that can be customized by combining optional innovative equipment and technologies.

Digital Range

We introduce new cutting-edge technologies capable of getting better and more efficient printing processes. The research we conducted in the digital printing field has led to so advanced machines as to combine all advantages of digital technologies – resulting in reduced production times and costs – with a very high printing quality, comparable to the flexo, roto and offset quality performances.

Uteco Sapphire EVO line is the latest generation of digital printing machines for flexible packaging on many types of material: from aluminum to paper and cardboard, up to plastic, including the most delicate supports in terms of elasticity and heat sensitivity. All while paying great attention to the environmental impact: indeed, Uteco digital presses are equipped with Kodak Stream and Ultrastream technologies and are designed for printing with water-based inks only.

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