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Negri Lame is a solid, family-owned industrial reality specialized in the production of industrial knives with applications in many sectors – paper transformation, flexible materials, non-woven, plastic and aluminium films, and flexible abrasives.

An all-Italian success story, the fruit of the experience and entrepreneurial vision of its founder, Agostino Negri, recently passed away, but forever in the heart of all those who have had the privilege to know him. Now, at the head of the Company, there are the second and third generations, pursuing every opportunity with passion and determination, in full compliance with tradition and innovation principles.

By combining the expertise and unique competences acquired in years of experience in the sector, Negri Lame is able to propose high quality solutions, both standard and customised, all of them arising from an incessant search for the best materials and increasingly advanced manufacturing techniques, designed to meet the needs of demanding customers most effectively. The strength of the company also lies in its extreme production flexibility, which enables it to supply customised pieces, even in very small production runs.


“Over fifty years of expertise in cutting solutions, the entire production cycle within the company, customized produtcs, resharpening service …  guarantee of satisfaction for the customer.”

Negri Lame srl



The company manufactures a large range of cutting tools including complete sets for shear and crush cut, contrast sleeves, multi-bottom knives, razor blades- holder and grooved sleeves. Our products are purchased by the most important Italian and foreign manufacturers of:

  • slitter rewinders;
  • machines for producing adhesive labels;
  • paper converting machines;
  • packaging and wrapping machines;
  • machines for the cutting of any flexible material;
  • machinery for the production and cutting of cardboard cores and tubes;
  • plastic and aluminium films;
  • non-woven / TNT;
  • flexible abrasives.

We collaborate with machine manufacturers, resellers and end users.

Services are important as products for our Company. We offer:

  • Quick and high-quality re-sharpening service;
  • Technical consultancy services (technical support, material/hardness tests);
  • Marking services;
  • Stock management based on customer’s needs.

Via Bernina 19/21/23
27010 Siziano (Pv)


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