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Vega’s history began in 1947: starting from a brilliant idea, the company has been going through decades of growth accompanied by courage and tenacity. That’s how the Nava family has realized its mission, firm and deeply-rooted to the territory, specializing itself in the design and in the manufacturing of folder gluers in the most varied commercial applications: a development process that is continuing nowadays, keeping the customer’s satisfaction as the core of its goals. The group operates by means of two business units: Vega srl and Meccanica Magentina srl, realizing effective industrial and economic synergies on scale. Both of them focus their efforts on specific industrial field, allowing Vega to be totally flexible in creating standard and customized productions.

The industrial and manufacturing capability of Vega comes from its entrepreneurial vision oriented to maintain its fundamental values: the “made in Italy”, in the most total and creative sense of the meaning, and the craftsmanship, in its meaning of versatility and efficiency. Such values allow Vega to gear its production to specific highly customized requirements, giving its customers full satisfaction, by direct contact that goes far beyond the mere concept of service. Company values reflect its own uniqueness, made of fulfilled promises and long lasting personal relationships. Always knowing who is on the other side of the line gives you reliability in problem solving: finding the correct solutions by meeting the customers’ needs is the true spirit of the group.

Vega invests in best quality to add value to its products, it gives a customized service to suit the productive processes, and it makes exceptions that become rules. Customers’ requests and questions deserve an answer, leading to continuous research for alternative solutions to different needs. The customization of products, the correct service and the quick response give Vega the chance to turn a “company relationship” into a “ people relationship” .

Viale dell'Industria, 6
20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI) - Italia



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