Company profile

Tecnorulli has been producing elastomer compounds and coatings of rollers and sleeves for over 70 years.

The company has 3 plants in Italy as well as some deposits; at our Rastignano headquarter, a few kilometers from Bologna, along with the administrative and commercial offices, you can find the facilities for the production of polyurethane and rubber rollers for the printing sector. Not too far there is the rubber compounds production center with R&D laboratories. Verona is home to the factory dedicated to the production and coating of technical rollers and conical sleeves for the rotogravure sector.

Tecnorulli, among the first firms in Europe in its sector, has been certified ISO 9001 since the mid-‘90s. The research for innovative compounds capable of responding to the disparate demands of the market has always been the company’s priority.

Thanks to the joint venture with Hannecard N.V. and Mitex GmbH our company guarantees to its customers access to sophisticated technologies to solve any problem in the rollers or sleeve coating. Thanks to this partnership, Tecnorulli can count on over 15 worldwide production plants that guarantee a precise assistance for all OEM customers.

The current range of coatings includes natural and synthetic rubbers, hypalon, viton, polyurethanes, rilsan, ebonite and silicones. Starting from raw materials of the best quality, all the compounds and coatings are designed and produced in every phase within the company to guarantee a constant quality control.

Thanks to the joint venture, the special Mitex Performa coatings and Hannecard Hannresist polyurethanes are also produced in Italy, both for the ESA printing.

In a few years Tecnorulli has created the Machine Division which produces a special grinding machine specific for metal varnishing rollers.


“Tecnorulli’s professional competence is based on a great know-how and a solid, well-trained and experienced team. At Tecnorulli we work daily to get the most out of every single product we offer to advance customers goals and profitability. Thanks to this attitude, in over 70 years Tecnorulli has gained the support and recognition of numerous and qualified customers in Italy and in the world.”

Ruggero Samoggia Managing Director


The main focus of Tecnorulli production:

OFFSET sheetfed coatings for use with traditional, UV and UV LED inks. High performance coatings for WEB coldset and heatset. Rilsan coatings.

LABEL special coatings are available for UV offset printing, rubber coatings for letterpress printing, parallel sleeves and sleeves for coating units, polyurethane coatings for pressure rollers.

EASY SLEEVE available conical sleeves in glass and carbon fiber coated with specific compounds for rotogravure printing of flexible packaging, for coating and laminating materials.

ESA PRINTING Coatings and Sleeve for ESA printing with the special Performa by Mitex compounds (ATEX certified)

METAL Coatings in Rubber and Polyurethane for painting plants and for metal pickling lines

CARDBOARD Rubber and polyurethane coatings for FLEXO production and printing lines of cardboard and corrugated cardboard

WOOD coatings for painters, gluers

FOOD Available F.D.A. certified mixes

SILICON wide range of non-stick silicon coatings resistant to high temperatures


Via Rossini, 5
40067 Rastignano (BO) - Italy