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SMC Corporation

SMC is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric automation technology and is your partner for customized solutions. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it includes 400 branches and sales offices in 82 countries around the world.

SMC Italia S.p.A.

SMC has been operating in Italy since 1977 with the head office in Brugherio (MB) and a manufacturing plant in Carsoli (AQ). The advantages of a multinational join the local knowledge: this ensures the best possible deal in terms of innovation and service. The direct sales network and the indirect one, distributed throughout the country are the real asset of the company in terms of expertise and know-how and they ensure spread coverage and support. The direct sales network, complemented by a network of SMC’s dealers present throughout the national territory, provides the coverage and assistance needed, such as to ensure a high quality service to customers. SMC Italy is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 as Carsoli manufacturing unit enjoys the certification UNI EN ISO 14001.


“Since 1959 SMC has been a synonym for innovation in the pneumatic component industry for industrial automation. SMC offers 12,000 basic products and more than 700,000 variants such as air treatment, fluid control equipment, valves and actuators, and it also offers state-of-the-art solutions for the automotive industry, the electronic industry, the food industry, the machinery and life science industry. The continuous technological improvement, the efficiency in production and distribution, the lifelong learning attitude combined with the on-going training on the job are the pillars to a business model and approach which is customer-oriented throughout all production processes, in order to guarantee the best solutions ever for you.”

Fabio Perlini National Sales Manager



Research and Development

SMC offers an availability of 12,000 basic products, 700,000 variants and about 50 new products a year, the most complete range of automation components on the market. SMC products offer high performance, high quality and energy saving: with the aim of constant innovation, applying the most advanced technologies, SMC invests every year more than 100 million dollars in global programs of research and development.

Production & Supply

The Corporation has opened, besides the five productions units based in Japan, key industrial plants in China, Singapore (Asia), Canada, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. SMC can also rely on the European Central Warehouse (ECW) site in Antwerp, which will boost the always available stock, helping to ensure an even better service delivery to European customers.

Sales Network & Costumer care

SMC Corporation’s team of more than 1,360 engineers worldwide allows to the Corporation to incentivate assets as innovation in research and development. IT also ensures to the customer a direct contact and communication preferential channels. Thanks to SMC subsidiaries rooted in each country and to their sales forces expert, the Corporation provides the best service. Maintain an open dialogue with customers is to SMC source of continuous updating about both technologies, trends and business prospects. It also allows SMC and its customers to stay ahead and maintain industry leadership.

Energy Efficiency

SMC is always looking to develop newer and greener solutions with CO2 reduction as a top priority as a leader in the field of pneumatics. One of the key components of our comprehensive approach is the designing of compact and lightweight products. Smaller, lighter products require less raw materials to make and less time to process. In addition, the products themselves use less energy. All of these efforts contribute to reduced CO2 emissions. SMC’s fully integrated technical, production, and sales departments are able to respond to the needs of our customers from around the world with a shared goal of finding new methods to effectively protect the environment.


Via delle Donne Lavoratrici, 21
20861 Brugherio (MB)


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