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Simec Group is an Italian family-run company that for the past sixty years has been producing several kinds of rollers for more than 35 industrial fields of application. Its products are used to transfer any type of liquid as inks, paint, glue, varnishes or to confer specific characteristics to a wide range of materials as nonwoven, paper, tissue, plastic films, aluminum.
Two industrial poles – one in the north of Italy in the heart of the Milanese economic district and the other one in Pescara area, in central Italy – cover an area of 65.000 squared meters, 23.500 of which are roofed.
Each plant, smart and lean, is equipped with specific machineries: 80% of them is totally engineered and manufactured internally.
Simec Group interpreted the 4.0 Industry by conceiving and implementing new concepts and business models inspired and driven by the “zation era” – digitization, standardization and globalization – thus starting a r-evolution in its field. By managing the whole production chain and thanks to the SDB model, worldwide deliveries of pre-codified products are faster than local manufacturers.
The company is characterized by a rigorous code of ethics, considerable investments in research and development, quality control, care for environmental and social aspects, constant improvements of production lines and development of long-term relationships with customers and business partners.
These aspects are constantly monitored so that the company is always recognized and perceived by customers as a reliable, valuable partner.


“Ensure maximum satisfaction and productivity for clients; invest in innovation to generate profitability; create pioneering, trend-setting solutions through technological leadership; establish fair, long-lasting relationships with partners and clients by clearly understanding their needs; offer a comprehensive range of products and services generating adequate ROI. These are keys to succeed in global market, thus our must.”

Emilio Della Torre CEO


Simec Group has a wide range of products known and appreciated worldwide not only for the undeniable quality but also for the very high level of customization for specific machine models. Those customizations give customers the guaranty of anilox specs repeatability, thus reducing risks in its selection; moreover, the SDB assures super-fast supplies by recording customers’ needs and equipment and developing predictive warehouse.
Simec Group’s brands are:
DELTOR. Mechanically engraved rolls. Although this engraving technology seems outdated, it is still recognized as the best for some applications like corrugated cardboard (glue rolls, above all), lamination, coating and technical film devoted to the hygiene sector. The engraving sample case is seamless enriched, thanks to new laser technologies implemented by Simec Group that permit to produce in-house unique tools to create unparalleled new engravings.
STARLOX. Ceramic, laser engraved rolls. Simec Group has been a pioneer for this technology: the first roll produced dates back to 1987. This thirty-year experience engendered a so deep know-how to allow to engineer and produce machineries able to engrave roller tables up to 9000 mm. 80% of the rolls produced wears the “made in Simec Group” label: they are made in an industrial pole totally devoted to this technology and entirely digitalized; the repeatability of specs is 100% guaranteed, as well as standardization for each flexographic
press, especially in narrow web, medium web and corrugated cardboard.
EMBOSS. Embossing rolls. The embossing sector is facing a huge growth: over the last years Simec Group invested millions€ to meet its customers needs. Cylinders up to 25 tons and 7000 mm of engraved length. Equipped with every engraving technology available on the market. An automated workstation with robotic arm to considerably reduce processing times.
CLEANING SYSTEM. Simec Group is keeping investing in Lifecycle Solutions aiming at preserving the proper functioning of his anilox rollers and sleeves. PROtect&care and PROFIL: patented Wet & Dry customizable cleaning system for both rollers and sleeves, IN and OFF Line, 100% Made In Simec Group ensuring ease of use, low environmental impact, reduced costs and optimal maintenance.

Via Verga, 17
21057 Olgiate Olona (VA) - Italy


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