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SDR srl of Silvio Dello Russo has been selling raw materials, equipment and consumables to companies operating in the printing, packaging and end-of-line industries since 1999. With a special focus on sustainability and the highest food-safety standards, SDR srl only distributes products from market-leader companies that are inspired by the same values.

SDR srl also offers to their clients a wide know-how and consultancy action, to promote a “truly-environment-friendly-industry” culture in its sectors and make sure this is continuously developed and consolidated. The main goal is achieving and establishing a way of producing packaging that considers sustainability essential as well as possible. At the same time, another essential factor is the guarantee of great reliability and safety for the food industry and therefore for all of us.


“In an ever-evolving world, anticipating the needs and offering innovative solutions in advance is imperative. If you look up for our website, the first thing you will see is the word ‘sustainability’ in the description. If you navigate further, the second element is our commitment to food-safe packaging. These two elements are at the very foundations of our work. We are certified ISO 9001 but also have FSC and Carbon-Neutrality certifications. Very few companies have a Carbon-Neutrality certification. And I would say that this is a choice guided by ethical standards but also according to a specific business-development model. Nowadays, we are forced to consider sustainability issues and doing it in advance is the best choice to bring your company in ‘the right place’ in advance. Curiosity is the true driving force in life.”

Silvio Dello Russo – Sale Administrator – SDR srl


– hot-melt and water-based adhesives for the converting and end-of-line industries
– inks and coatings, together with a wide range of consumables for the printing sector (including blankets and coating plates)
– new and second-hand offset and flexo presses, as well as other machineries (e.g. folder-gluers)
– a wide range of virgin fibre and recycled paperboard.


Via dei Gladioli, 6 – Lotto C3
70026 – Modugno (BA) - ITALY


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