Company profile

Petratto Machines srl was established in 1976 as a natural evolution of Petratto Book-Binding & Converting, founded in 1938 by Luigi Petratto.
The company’s evolution is marked by a number of crucial milestones. In 1971, thanks to the efforts of the current owner, Giorgio Petratto, the company started the production of Post Press machines, beginning with a simple book feeder and culminating in the more sophisticated machinery seen in the range today.
1998 is the breakthrough year: thanks to new digital technologies, Petratto started building the first CORDOBA, the top of the line of creasing and folding equipments. In a crescendo of accomplishments, the flagship of folder gluers, METRO, was launched in 2002: it is a modular and flexible machine featuring a new folding and gluing system that opened a new technological path, launching Petratto onto the international market.
Consolidation, as market leader for packaging, with the introduction since 2015 of the automatic die cutting lines for offset and digital printing mod. PDF and from 2016 with the laser die cutting lines mod. ECLIPSE.
Aware that corporate goals and customer satisfaction can only be achieved through a more in-depth study of new technologies, Petratto and its strong team continue developing new machines, expanding the sales network not just in Italy but worldwide.
More than 80 years after its founding, Petratto can boast of having achieved high levels of innovation, which it has always protected with many Italian and international patents.


“With us, clients know they always come first. Our commitment is to supply innovative, custom-made solutions for finishing digital and offset print products, both for the packaging and publishing market.”

Diego Casagrande Sales Director





  • Industrial die cutters for digital market, offset for converting and printing industry, hot foiling, embossing. Format: 53×74 cm
  • Modular laser die-cutters for B3 / B2 / B1 sheet sizes, composed of:
    • Mechanical creasing (without separate shapes)
    • Laser cut
    • Stripping
    • Blanking
    • Stacking up of shapes
  • Folding gluing machines for cardboard. Multi-function and versatile equipments, designed for finishing pre-die cut products, even for small and medium runs.
    Formats: 78×78 cm / 78×105 cm
    Grammage: 90-600 g
    Products: boxes, crash lock boxes, double sided adhesive tape application, bands, insertion of cards and cosmetic samples (liquids), objects (pick and place), capacity jobs, presentation folders, envelopes, CD and DVD cases, inserting products with robot and special/unique lines for tissue-napkins products.


  • Creasing, creasing-folding machines, from entry-level format for digital printing up to industrial production (printing companies).
    Formats: 45×90 cm / 52×120 cm
    Grammage: Creasing 80-600 g / Folding: 140-600 g
    Products: Longitudinal and cross perforation, 4-page fold, Z-fold, gate fold, calendars, covers with flaps, integral covers, jackets
  • Finishing machines for printed products and photobooks (lay flat), creasing-folding equipments, casing-in machines, coupling machines.
  • Digital thread sewing machines, both in line and off-line with digital presses. Features: modularity, cost saving; quick book preparation; waste reduction and fast reprinting of rejected sheets; maximum usage of paper format; 4 page and 8 page folding; compactness.

Via Don Minzoni, 1
10044 Pianezza (TO) - Italy