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NTG Digital, operates since 1980 in the Graphic Arts market.

NTG Digital has always been the protagonist of the great changes that have crossed the world of printed communication with its technological evolutions and consequently the transformation of the markets.

In the 80’s at its birth, it introduced the first editorial systems for journalists and prepress (ATEX), revolutionizing the way of producing a newspaper: first installation in Italy has been La Stampa and follow Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica and many others added technology which made it possible to improve production by making the newspaper more “fresh” at lower operations costs.

In the 90’s, NTG Digital began another technological process by switching to direct offset plates exposure, thus replacing the imaging units to an ECRM filmsetter (over 500 installations in Italy) with Computer To Plate Lüscher where over 200 units has been installed throughout the national territory, many of these installations are still operating.

In 1995-1996 NTG Digital was the first company to open digital printing technology for commercial applications on the Italian market, electrophotographic technology web printing (Xeikon), still on the market today. Installed over 50 units before the Belgian company decided to open their own branch in Italy, thanks also to the results of NTG Digital it has obtained.

NTG Digital has two offices, one in Cerro Maggiore (Milan), the other in Rome to cover and satisfy the needs of our customers. The offices are organized with technical engineers and sales representatives, in addition to the demo room for technological product insights.


“NTG Digital has a great ability to adapt to market changes and technological evolutions. For this reason NTG Digital has in its team people with great experience and high professionalism who offer to our customers an high level of trust in technological investments.”

Carlo Alberto Di NoiAmministratore unico 



Lüscher Technologies AG

Today NTG Digital offers a complete range of products of Lüscher CtPs for many applications, using laser diode technologies that allow direct exposure of many printing plates (flexo, screenprinting frames, typographic, magnesium, thermal plates, UV etc.).

MultiDX! it is the workhorse of Luscher Technologies, it is an hybrid and ideal solution for label printers and narrow web packaging, as well as for printing on three-dimensional objects (cans and cans, tubes, etc.). In the standard configuration the CTP MultiDX! it is able to engrave all “digital” flexographic plates and all typographic plates and dry offset plates. The CTP Multi DX! was conceived in such a way as to be able to apply the ablation process to all materials with a LAMS layer. Multi DX! can be used in many special applications where ablation layers are used.


CTP technologies for offset and flexo applications, the product family ranges from small formats, suitable for applications of plates for label printing to large formats up to 2000mm for flexographic printing companies, the same also applies to printing solutions offset. Cron uses high quality and productive laser diode exposure technologies.

DOMINO Printing

It is the solution that is offered for the label digital printing in high quality and production performance, this solution produces labels with UV printing technologies at the speed of 70mt per minute, in Italy some units are already in production with great satisfaction of the users. It is an excellent Hi-End solution for migration to digital, offering the ability to quickly print short runs.


We recently also added a mid-range printer from Valloy Inc. to print labels. Low cost and simple solution for label converters who want to start the digital printing experience.

Via Filippo Turati, 70
20023 Cerro Maggiore (MI) – Italy


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