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New Aerodinamica is an historical Italian company that operates successfully in the design and construction of scraps reclaiming plants for different industrial fields including paper mills, corrugating machines, packaging, graphic arts, binderies, plastic film and aluminum sheets.
The expertise, innovative technology developed in house and continuous investment in research and development, puts New Aerodinamica in the position of being able to provide consolidated know-how in standard applications, along with fully customized solutions for particular contexts characterized by very complex and demanding problems.


“Evolution, innovation, efficiency, words that characterize the thirty year long history of New Aerodinamica. Today, as then, a young and enterprising team faces the daily challenges with determination and passion, dedicated to finding solutions specifically designed to meet the targets requested by its clientele.”

Paolo Radaelli CEO



Aerodynamic vents Each manufacturer, as well as each slitting units, has characteristics and dimensions completely different. It is therefore essential, in order to achieve efficient suction, to produce and install aerodynamic vents which ensure the capture of materials homogeneously and effectively.

Hoppers Each machine has its own characteristics of form and function and produces waste completely different in shapes and sizes. It is therefore essential, in order to achieve efficient suction, to produce and install hoppers that reflect the needs of the builder and the client as well as ensure proper evacuation of the scraps.

Chopper fans The original tearing fan fully meets requirements from paper-mills to corrugators and die cutters. Our chopper fan built in different sizes is able to suck trimmings up to a speed of 2.800mt / min and carry them up to 350mt in paper mills factories and suck trimmings of corrugated cardboard up to a speed of 400m/ min. and to guarantee the perfect suction of wastes with different size and form.

Pipes New Aerodinamica has conducted extensive market research selecting the best suppliers in the industry to ensure procurement of the best materials. The transport pipes are top of the range and come in painted iron or stainless steel, depending on the installation. In addition to having greater thicknesses and airtight coupling systems, this type of piping is completely smooth inside which considerably improves flow rates, performance, and eliminate all risks of material blockage.

Aerodynamic separator The transported material is discharged by an aerodynamic separator dimensioned according to the total air volume, this equipment works without the support of mechanical sealing units as it is kept in perfect equilibrium using balancing fans. Specific accessories are inserted depending on the type of material.

Filters The dust delivered by the separator or directly from production machines, is filtered through dust collectors custom designed according to the required air volume, in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding dimensioning, the choice of filter fabrics and control systems.All our filters are equipped with access steps, railings and emission checkpoints according to theapplicable regulations in force.

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