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hubergroup, with an history of more than 250 years, is a family-owned company, operating in the area of printing inks, varnishes, adhesives, fountain solution concentrates, auxiliaries, raw materials and services. It has a decentralized customer oriented structure, with different mother plants and centers of competence, being a global player operating in all continents with a sales network of  more than 150 offices and representatives around the world. With more than 3.500 employees and a turnover higher than 800 millions Euro is in the ranking of bigger ink manufacturers in the world.

In the field of printing area hubergroup produces sheet-fed (conventional UV, EB), cold-set, flexo & gravure (solvent and water-based ), security inks.


“Still benefiting from a family company spirit, hubergroup Italy – as a manufacturer of flexo and rotogravure printing inks – is continuously striving to improve its people, assets, and processes, with the aim to be close and work with its customers, developing solutions together.”

Stefano Zuliani, COO



hubergroup Italy is the Italian branch of the group and the mother plant/center of competence for solvent based inks (gravure and flexo), sold with the trade name Gecko®. The range of products produced in this plant (over 42.000 tons capacity and a turnover close to 120 millions Euro) is:

  • Nitro based concentrates and System Additives in order to produce the total range of NC ink systems
  • Gecko Frontal NC ink series for surface applications (gravure & flexo)
  • Gecko Bond NC ink series for lamination (gravure & flexo)
  • Gecko MS ink series for gravure customers recovering solvents
  • Platinum ink series, PU based products for high demanding laminates and retortability (gravure & flexo)
  • Diamond ink series, vinyl based products for gravure high demanding applications and retortability
  • A large number of 1 K or 2 K overprint varnishes, haptic lacquers, release lacquers (gravure and flexo).
  • Water-based inks and varnishes sold under the trademark Hydro-X© (gravure and flexo), for absorbent and not absorbent substrates.



Via Meucci, 5/6/7
I-36050 Bolzano Vicentino (VI)


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