Company profile

Gama Srl was established in 1992. The company produces electronic equipment for the control of industrial processes in the graphics industry. Thanks to the cooperation with printing machinery manufacturers, the company has acquired specific expertise in the creation of systems for monitoring the viscosity of inks, adhesives and paints during the printing process.
The constant growth of the packaging sector since the 1990s has led to converters adopting increasingly advanced printing machines in terms of quality and productivity. Traditional rotogravure systems have since been flanked by flexographic machines, and thus the viscometer has become an essential mean of standardizing production.
By maintaining a correct ratio of ink to solvent, in fact, the consumption of solvent has decreased and print quality has substantially improved.
In the 2000s, Gama’s management managed to meet these new requirements by developing a range of compact, low-maintenance viscometers incorporated into the printing machines. In addition to the traditional drop-ball systems, the company produced its new vibration-technology viscometers.
To strengthen the company’s international presence, GAMA International Srl was set up in 2012: a special team, also active in Marketing and After-sales, quickly managed to demonstrate remarkable success in the foreign sales of the company’s products, making Gama a market leader.
For a wider presence in the United States, in 2016 GAMA Americas was established, based in York (PA).


“To be recognized as a market leader in the production of ink quality control systems, and to guarantee our customers innovative and quality products, together with an excellent post-sales service.”

Sante Conselvan Sales and Marketing Director


The following are some of Gama’s products for flexographic and rotogravure presses.

Viscometers: G26 for solvent-based ink; G29 for water-based ink; G30 for solvents, adhesives and varnishes. Our viscometers use two different types of technology: the innovative Vibration technology (G20, G26, G28, G29 and G30), offering a substantial reduction in maintenance and in environmental impact, thanks to the reduced employment of energy and materials. The viscometers may be installed in line or in parallel. The G31 is a new in-line system designed exclusively for monitoring pH, and developed specifically for certain applications in the corrugated card and paper transformation industries.

  • Ink Temperature Control Systems: solvent use is reduced and print quality is improved, thanks to the plate or cylinder exchangers that maintain temperatures at the desired levels (G90).
  • pH Control Systems for water-based inks: These systems permit the automatic control of the ink’s pH, and each time there is any deviation from the set values, stabilizer is added to return pH to its original values (G80). The G90 and the G80 are optional devices that may be used to support the viscosity control systems.
  • Ink Magnetic Filter: to reduce pollution in the ink, and to filter out any impurities so as to avoid any scratching on the print (G70).
  • Web guiders (G35).
  • Step controls (G40).

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