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ColorConsulting is a consulting firm working internationally serving packaging and commercial printers; ink and printing press manufacturers and various other OEMs, offering our customers consulting, training, software development and field support.

ColorConsulting is a company primarily focused on the technological and professional growth of its customers in the fields of control and optimization of color and quality. To ensure the continuous achievement of that objective and to maintain the quality of our advice upgraded to the highest international standards, we are members of ACIMGA – Italy, ATIF – Italy, FOGRA – Germany, IDEALLIANCE – USA, FTA – USA, TAGA – Italy, UNI – Italy. Furthermore, since 2008 we have been Expert level contributors to the following Italian ISO TC130 working groups: WG 3 – Process control and related metrology, WG 4 – Media and materials. This enables us to bring questions and highlight the needs of our customers in an international forum.

In 2010 ColorConsulting embarked on a new custom software development division for our customers in which the close collaboration with BALDWIN Vision Systems resulted in the development of the ColorTrack software product.

In 2021 ColorConsulting has opened a new company, ColorConsulting USA, based in New York, to strengthen the support to customers around the world and to merge the creativity of our Italian company with the engineering power of the US.

ColorConsultingUSA Inc.
18 Bridge Street, Unit 2A
Brooklyn (NY) 11201
+1 718 5225575


“From the beginning when I founded ColorConsulting we had a unique idea in mind to make colorimetry and color management as simple and automatic as possible for our customers. Today we are able to offer this idea to everyone thanks to the professional consultancy service and the excellent selection of products as well as the ability, with our software division, to create customized solutions for those customers who need more advanced systems.”

Carlo Carnelli General Manager 



ColorConsulting provides a consultancy service thanks to the competence acquired through the daily contact with the problems and the demands of different international entities. We provide consultancy for: Italian Brand Owners, ISO 12647-2 implementation, ISO 12647-6 (FIRST) for Flexo Printing, Color Quality Management, Check-up of printing machines, and Multicolor implementation. We organize training for: Colorimetry, Quality control, Color Management, ISO standards, and Ink formulation.

 ColorConsulting offers solutions of color management adapted to the needs of different printing processes. We sell instruments used in all phases of the process from pre-press through the printing process and into the quality control at the end of the production.

We realize lab tests for ISO 2846-2 or similar conformity and Various tests for Ink and Papers, we are also able to create assortments for InkFormulation Software: for paste or liquid ink (solvent or water based) for any kind of printing process – offset, flexo, gravure and screen – and any kind of curing system.

ColorConsulting distributed product

  • Our software solutions like: ColorTrack, ColorTrack Analytics and InkWeigh but also software tailor made to customers’ needs
  • X-Rite software and instruments such as spectrophotometers, densitometers, formulation, and quality control software
  • Harper Scientific proofing Systems for flexographic print
  • Alwan Color Expertise software for repurposing and standardization
  • GTI and Lettero light systems
  • Pantone’s products
  • Gibertini precision scales
  • GMG Color for the proofing solutions
  • Baldwin Vision Systems inline measurement solutions like DeltaCam

Via Caduti di Cefalonia, 5
21047 - Saronno (Va) - Italy


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