Company profile

Böttcher Italiana is the Italian production branch of the international group Felix Böttcher GmbH & Co KG with headquarters in Cologne and branches and / or representatIves all over the world. Böttcher exists since 1725 !! it has always been, and still is, an independent family business company.
We are present all over the world with more than 29 production plants and many representative offices and a total of over 2000 employees.
This global presence has allowed our research and development laboratories to always create technologically advanced products, to have a global overview of the markets to which Böttcher itself addresses.


“Böttcher geeps the good things from tradition and create the “new” with his own strength. ‘ With this ideal, Böttcher has developed for more than 295 years, and today it is still a private company, which has expanded and established itself on the worldwide market. The guarantors of our success are over 2,000 employees, who pursue two objectives with equal dedication.  Firstly, we want to fully understand the topic we are dealing with secondly, everything we do must directly contribute to the benefit of our customers. Between these poles, a dynamic process is developing, which means never stagnating, but always rising in the face of new challenges. We approach these tasks with all our energy, to create the future. From our unique tradition comes the commitment and sense of responsibility that we put behind everything we do”.

Valeriano Tosi – General Director



Böttcher produces coverings on cylinders and a wide range of sleeves.
The compounds used are varied, made up of various rubber and polyurethane based polymers.
It is the official supplier of the major manufacturers of graphic and paper converting machines, for offset, flexo and rotogravure presses.
Böttcher products are used not only in graphics industry but also in industrial sector (textiles, plastics, metal painting, paper, wood finishing, glass).
In particular, the production of sleeves is aimed at the gravure and flexo markets, and for the latter both with DLE sleeves and with plate mounting sleeves (our Cambium products).
In particular for the graphics industry, to complete an integrated service, Böttcher offers products such as blankets, coating plates, fountain solutions and products suitable for cleaning and maintenance of the rollers themselves.


Via Carlo Goldoni, 24
20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) - Italy