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For over 60 years leader in flexographic printing field

Since 1955 the company has been producing ancillary machines for the flexographic printing industry.

Absolute quality is the mission of the company, beginning with fine attention to detail through to equipment designed to the highest construction strength, reliability, accuracy and flexibility.

The Company is present worldwide and can rely on a widespread network of sales and service. BIEFFEBI’s prestigious name and trademark are considered among the best in the world, thanks to flexibility and leading edge technology.

As a proof of the creativity and technological innovation of BIEFFEBI, there are many patents developed during all these years, among which also the well-known VDP SYSTEM (Virtual Data Processing) using the plate file from the repro-houses.



Latest generation products among the others:

BIEFFEBI AUTOMA 374, latest generation and absolute precise automatic plate mounter totally made in Italy. The machine, while mounting, leaves the operator free for other jobs. Thanks to the newest technology, AUTOMA is having a great success worldwide.

Patented VDP system (Virtual Data Processing) – Patents EP1666251(B1), US8037819(B2), developed by BIEFFEBI, which enables for the automatic detection of the cross marks and the digital storage of the mounting job colour by colour.

BIEFFEBI machine model TRAHO 426, tape and plate demounter plus tape mounter. It enables to mount the tape on sleeves in a fast way, even using two tape-reels at the same time. Moreover it helps the operator in detaching plate and tape from sleeves

PLANUS 348 Latest generation, highest technology flat plate mounter for corrugated/postprint industry totally made in Italy. For accurate, precise, reliable and fast mounting of flexographic printing plates on mylar (carrier sheet).

Via Frullo, 1 Fraz. Quarto Inferiore
40057 Granarolo Emilia (BO) - Italia


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