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BFT Flexo is the technological benchmark in the flexographic printing inking cycle and much more. Thanks to an innovative technology and a high rate of automation, it’s possible reduce ink and solvent consumption during the printing process.

BFT is born out of the need for innovation on inking systems in the world of flexographic printing. Since most inking systems are manual and free of washing automations, operators must adjust the speed of the pumps and remove the ink bucket manually and insert a bucket of water in the washing phase. For this reason, BFT has created new concept of automatic inking and washing system.

Innovative washing and recovery systems that save water and ink and that are emerging as the new industry standard. The modular inking system, so “intelligent” that it can also be used as a control hub – not only for the distribution of the fluid but also for the PH, temperature and other machine board equipment … not to mention 4.0 electronics, which allow the collection and analysis of the data useful for plant management and, aboveall, the consultative relationship with the customer, which starts from the analysis of their plant and their needs to be able to formulate an adequate proposal.

“Most inking systems include manual processes, including the pump adjustment and washing. Operations that require prolonged machine downtime and a continuous assistance by the staff. The BFT FLEXO systems are completely automatic: to start any cycle, just press a button on the touch screen. The operator can easily set the speed of the pumps from the screen to optimise the inking phase and the washing phase. Setting is saved and linked to the order to be resumed over time. Saving time and reduce waste of materials.


“Visiting printing companies around the worldwe realized the inefficiencies related to inking systems, with important wastes of both ink and washing water or solvent. To solve these problems, it was essential to combine knowledge of automation and industrial hydraulics to develop an innovative product to be proposed to converting world.”

Simone Bonaria BFT Flexo – Chief Operating Officer. 



GT-X Series is dedicated to flexo printing press on flexible packaging. it guarantees a fully controllable inking thanks to the digital control of the pumps thanks to the PLC HMI interface integrated in the system. The complete use of peristaltic pumps completely eliminates the pulsation and the foaming effect and allows with the inverter to invert the direction of rotation, recovering the ink that is in the line and in the doctor blade chamber. Noise and energy reduced to a minimum.  

GT GRAV Series makes precise and fine washing automatic on rotogravure systems. The single pump system is capable of inking at adjustable speed, completely emptying the ink from the basin and washing the cylinder engraved with a pressure nozzle bar. 

GT CORR Series dedicated to corrugated board printingallows precise and timely control of the speed of the pumps from PLC, allowing the system to recover all the ink from the circuit, performs an automatic washing than can be entirely customisable. The system will automatically manage the water and drain lines during the washing phase. 

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