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Apex International is a privately held company based in Hapert, Netherlands, and is a leader in the manufacture of anilox and metering rolls.
The company employs about 200 people and serves over 3000 clients active in a wide range of industries (corrugated, narrow-, wide-web, offset and coating applications) on a global scale.
Apex operates four production facilities and seven sales offices worldwide, providing a local presence for customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations.
The Apex R&D department developed a variety of well-established engraving methods and the related cleaning and maintenance solutions. Some outstanding examples include the Ultracell traditional technology and the GTT patented technology, whose innovative value earned it the Laser Innovation Award 2014. Apex’s commitment in designing and building quality solutions and ensuring high-level assistance is setting new standards of excellence for the entire printing industry in general and flexo printing in particular.


“It is our mission to build a solid relationship with our customers, founded on trust, generating mutual growth and success.”

Luca Guazzoni Apex Italy Sales Director



Quality and service combine in the Apex Flexo product range.

  • GTT – Consistency & Predictability – when quality and consistency go hand in hand. To achieve predictable ink transfer ensuring strong densities, Apex offers the GTT roll. It ensures even, optimal ink release: the patented, scientifi cally designed open slalom ink channel geometry allows the ink to fl ow precisely onto a printing plate. “GTT brings the needed predictability, especially in the case of Expanded Gamut printing”, says Luca Guazzoni Sales Director Apex Italy.
  • Traditional Anilox: high quality in all possible engravings. For those printers who wish to print with the most precise traditional anilox technology Apex offers its UltraCell and UltraCell+ conventional anilox rolls in all engravings, from LongCells, up to Channellox, Trihelical and Hexagonal, etc.
  • Stock program: fast and easy. Apex offers the largest inventory of stocked Label bases of all the most popular sizes through the use of the GTT and traditional UltraCell range, with a unique lightweight, Stainless Steel design – the trademark of the Dutch company – for easy handling and performance. GTT technology and UltraCell anilox rolls: Apex is a guarantee of durable products, high quality and perfect customer service.



Via Pietro Nenni snc
21057 Olgiate Olona (VA) - Italy


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