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ACE is leading the market with its highest technology in Electrostatic systems, Web and Sheet cleaners, Dust Removal Systems, large size Flexo Plates vertical washing machines, designed and manufactured in the premises in Legnano, North Milan. A brand-new department in China, Suzhou, has been established few years ago to face the high demand of the Chinese and Asian markets.

For many years, electrostatic solutions designed by ACE for the industry, represented the real problem-solving solution through the phases of production, where their efficiency and reliability have been largely recognized.

ACE is nowadays much appreciated as the supplying partner by the major printing and converting machinery manufacturers. Thanks to this synergy and together with these companies, ACE developed the most technological electrostatic systems and several dust and contaminants removing systems, such as Contact and Non-contact web cleaners.

Our R&D Department is providing continuous improvements to these products, furthermore new sophisticated systems for application in the industries of Flexible Packaging; Printing; Labels; Tissue; Non-Woven; Paper and Cardboard have been also added to ACE’s product portfolio.

To confirm its leadership, remarkable innovations have recently been involving ACE ESA Electrostatic Print Assist, directed to realize the 100% safety system. New developments now benefit of three patents, first of all the one concerning 24Volt technology, making of these systems the most efficient and safer ESA Electrostatic Print Assist, suitable for installation on new rotogravure presses as well as on existing ones.

Another important technology developed by ACE R&D, concerns a unique dust removal system designed for slitters, the Cut Cleaner, also patented.

ACE is the only specialist manufacturer in the worldwide market, offering such a wider specialized and recognized solutions range, dedicated to each of the sectors ACE is involved in. Like the more and more appreciated dust removal systems (copyright protected), dedicated to Tissue and Non-Woven industries, which are changing the concept of sucking dust from air, to gathering dust directly from the substrate before it frees in the production environment. Moreover, the innovative dust removal heads combine triple action: blowing, suction and deionization of the air to grand the most efficient cleaning of the material.

To complete the products portfolio, ACE developed and made available on the market, the largest size cliché washing machines LVC30 and LCV40 for flexo printing on corrugated which measure 2100×1700 and 2800×2100 mm respectively.

Main focus for ACE is customers satisfaction; with its network of sales representative and service engineers, providing the clients follow up and service worldwide.

Respect for the environment and for workers’ health, are most important factors when ACE’s R&D department designs new systems and projects, continuously increasing our products eco-compatibility.

“Innovation and diversification: these are the key concepts underlying ACE’s corporate policies. They have been implemented thanks to the synergy with our principal customers, who have always seen ACE as an expert partner capable of providing the right technical solutions to their needs.”

Daniele Barbui, Managing Director



  • ROTOSTAT LV Technology ESA 24Volt 100% “missing dots” problem recovered, with unmatchable printing quality. ESA Top Loading and ESA Direct Charge, making of these systems the most efficient and safest ESA suitable for installation on new rotogravure presses as well as on existing ones.

Safety at any cost:

  • 24Volt only used in the system, eliminating any risk of high-tension electrical discharge in the print unit
  • Physical sleeve’s electrical parameters checking before printing, to recognize a sleeve not suitable for ESA, thus preventing accidents.
  • Total electrostatic charges control on final reel when using ESA with plastic films.

Other specialties in ACE’s proposals are:

  • AR Series contact web cleaner for one and two sides, for label printing machines.
  • DM1000DG contactless type dedicated to digital printing presses, which confirmed to be the most performant application in the sector.
  • BRU2000 vacuumed brush unit and MULTICLEANER, combination of antistatic, rotating brush, blowing and vacuuming all in one unit, designed for extremely fine dust and long fibers removal. These systems represent the ideal solutions for paper printing in liquid packaging, bags, sacks and similar.
  • DM1500AF-TX and DM7000-TX dedicates respectively to tissue folded and rolls dedusting.
  • DM6000 designed for corrugators
  • CUT CLEANER, recently patented state-of-the-art dust removal for cutting systems
  • Iondual and Iondual Plus, 24V long range static elimination systems
  • Electrostatic Changeover for automatic winders – replacing the application of adhesive with static charging
  • LVC30 and LCV40 vertical automatic washers for wide flexo plates in carton board printing

The range of products in ACE’s portfolio is today the widest in the global market with regard to solutions for cleaning and charging/discharging of materials and substrates, in several manufacturing sectors.

ACE’s main focus is satisfying customers’ needs, with its network of sales representatives and service engineers, providing customers follow-up and service worldwide.

Respect for the environment and for workers’ health are top priorities when ACE’s R&D department designs new systems and projects, continuously enhancing its products’ eco-compatibility.


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20025 Legnano (MI) - Italy


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