Company profile

Since over 40 years Reprochem operates as a specialized supplier of chemical products and accessories for the preparation of roto cylinders. Reprochem products are sold in Italy, Europe and around the world through a well-established network of agencies.
Today the group also includes Acigraf Graphic Equipment, a company designing and manufacturing machinery for roto cylinder production, and DV produces LASER machines for direct and indirect engraving and after sales assistance. In addition, Reprochem Do Brasil was established in 1994, thus ensuring direct distribution and support for the Reprochem product portfolio in Latin America. The Lombardy-based company is today a global leader in the industry thanks to excellent quality products, a constantly renovated Research and Development program, careful analysis of market needs and the care it gives to clients’ specific requests.
Our strengths include: technical consulting and post-sales assistance to ensure optimal use of the products and their specific applications on site, as well as the supply of dedicated products for special processes.
Since 1997 Reprochem is certified UNI-EN-ISO 9001

Our professional, competent staff can solve technical and, more importantly, chemical issues regarding the galvanic process for the preparation of roto cylinders. Together with our sistem company Acigraf, we also offer our clients training and refreshment courses for a wide range of processes.

Paky Santeramo Executive Director



Reprochem manufactures a full range of solutions for the production and quality control of roto cylinders.

The product portfolio includes:

  • products for chemical engraving;
  • products for electrolytic etching;
  • a complete range of products for laser coating;
  • products for the plating department (additives, copper-plating solutions, chromeplating solutions, etc.);
  • products and accessories for electromechanical engraving;
  • degreasing pastes;
  • retouching kit;
  • grinding stones and polishing abrasives for roto cylinders;
  • quality control instruments;
  • standard and coated doctor blades, including for the flexo industry;
  • galvanic bath chemical analysis kit.

Exclusive services Reprochem is equipped with the necessary facilities and competences to offer a suite of services to solve a wide range of problems in an effective, time-saving way.
In the company’s analysis laboratory, fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, Reprochem technicians analyse samples of galvanic baths in a very short time, so as to offer clients immediate solutions. In the Quality Control Instruments lab the expert staff can analyse various parameters of cylinder preparation (e.g. copper and chrome hardness, roughness, engraving depth, etc.) and recommend the most appropriate control instruments.
The facility is also equipped with cutting-edge technology to repair quality control instruments such as microscopes, hardness testers, roughness testers, etc.


Via Fermi 8
20876 Ornago (MI) - Italy