Company profile

ME.RO was founded in the 1960s and has always operated in the field of electronic devices for treating plastic materials. The Tuscanian company is now famous for its construction of generators for Corona treatment and for induction sealing.

ME.RO has, for some time now, been able to offer practical and qualified responses to the film printing, packaging and wrapping industry, and is associated with advanced technology and maximum safety as it introduces new solutions that often predict market needs.

The company can deliver Corona treatment systems of all sizes; not surprisingly, the largest film processing systems currently available in the world, as much as 10 m wide and running at speeds of up to 650 m/min, have been delivered by ME.RO.

The company has worked in the cap-sealing sector since the early 1980s, offering solutions to a constantly evolving market where producers are more urgently pressed by the need to protect products from illicit opening, counterfeiting and loss.

For several years now, ME.RO has also been active in the sector of plasma treating in vacuum and in atmosphere, installing its systems in place of Corona systems for special film, or in vacuum metallizers.


Our philosophy is building industrial machines with innovative features, keeping in mind that an ancillary equipment like a surface treater must never create down time on the main line.

Armando Mennucci Chief Executive Officer.



Me.Ro’s customer base includes multinational clients and worldwide producers, and exports account for around 95% of the business. Germany, Spain and France are key markets, as is China, where the company has established a sales office. “We work with some of the biggest machine constructors in the world,” says Mr. Mennucci. “They value our experience and reliability. We focus on providing a fast and efficient service. Ours are secondary or accessorial machines, and therefore they have to be produced quickly. We also provide features that our competitors are unable to match. Our advantage was that we had already developed our know-how with large-scale machines, and we have been able to transfer this experience to smaller machines as well. Innovation is second nature to us.”

The company is headquartered in Lucca in northwest Italy, where 50 staff are employed at its engineering and production plant. Approximately 90% of the company’s turnover– is generated through the production of corona treatment systems.

Corona treater for converters

Converters evermore often find themselves facing problems of anchoring inks and glues on the commonest of flexible materials.

This phenomenon is due particularly to the growing speed of the printing and laminating machines, but above all to the usage of inks and other innovatory components, that are demanded by the market but that inevitably entail some complications in the machines. Thus ME.RO is presenting a new system for treating plastic and metallized films, destined for printing (flexo and roto) and laminating machines.

The system guarantees excellent results in terms of adhesion on any type of ink up to speeds of 800 m/min.

Power supply “High Power, High Frequency” for plasma treatment in metallizers.

ME.RO is operating since a few years in the sector of the plasma treatment for under vacuum metallizers. Very recently it has been manufactured for a major European end user a Power supply of 60 kW and operating frequency of 80 kHz. The power supply is built to be connected to a plasma chamber of 3.6 m width. This Power supply makes part of a group of three (n.1 60 kW + n.2 40 kW). One of the characteristics of our electronic generators compared to what can be found on the market is the fact that we do not use water for cooling the H.V. transformer. Avoiding the use of cooling water means avoiding all the problems can raise from that ( not sufficient cooling because of closure of pipes after a certain time, condensation phenomenons during summer periods and in humid countries and so on).

The power supply has got also a very efficient arc managing system, infact for this application is absolutely needed to manage properly the arcs in order to avoid components break downs and consequently running stops. The PLC installed in the power supply together with a touch screen visualization system allows to have a machine very easy to use. The power supply is also interfacable with the main PLC of the metallizer (characteristic well appreciated by OEMs).

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