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Italian Printing Inks (IPInks) is a company dedicated to the production of “Offset” and “water based Flexo” inks. We are now developing also “water based Inkjet inks”. The company is addressed in the sheetfed offset market which uses various types of coated and uncoated paper used to produce leaflets, labels and cartons for packaging, in particular food, also known as food-packaging.
In the water-based Flexo market, the company produces inks both for absorbent substrates (paper, paperboard, tissue paper, placemats, tissue, …) and for non-absorbent substrates (PE, PP, PVC, Mater-Bi, aluminum, …) and for both types there are inks certified for food packaging and according to the standard EN 646.
All current products comply with the EU directives on Quality, Environment and Food Safety, both in relation to all raw materials used and in relation to the production process of the thick inks.

In recent years, IPINKS market has expanded throughout Italy and in some European countries (Germany, Portugal and England) but in the coming years the goal is to expand the market to other European and not-European countries while maintaining the same standards high quality and customer service.
The IPInks production site is one of the first inks production sites “Mineral Oil Free” in Italy, i.e. a site where no mineral derivative produced by Petroleum is used, nor is it present in the company as a stock. From this point of view, our production is ECO-Sustainable because it uses renewable raw materials that are not intended for food consumption.
The company, which has as its reference point the Quality and Research, has also begun in the last year the production of Inks with vegetable solvents produced by
Food Waste Oils, becoming, in fact, a production site that not only has a reduced environmental impact, but participates in the reuse of waste destined for landfill or incineration. The complete traceability of the product and all the raw materials contained in it is guaranteed by the computerized management of the production cards and by the conservation of all production batches. The IPINKS srl is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. IPInks is one of the first companies in Campania in the field of inks and varnishes in compliance with REACH (Safety of Chemicals), and CLP (Labeling of Blends), and GMP directives 2023/2006/UE (Production of Materials for Food Contact)


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81025 Marcianise (CE) - Italy