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Donau Carbon Technologies Srl, was born in 1981 (former SIRI) and since then, offers to  Customers a large range of solutions and services to fulfill needs relevant to environmental matters and laws compliance related to emission limits.

The Company has been operating in air treatment field for years, providing solvent recovery plants, thermal oxidation plants, air treatment plants by means of wet scrubbers and bag filters, as well as technologies for treatment and removal of organic residuals on aluminum scraps and a full range of complementary services connected with said technologies.

DCT is in constant technological development with particular attention to the safety, environment, and sustainability of out plants. 38 years of solid experience with more of 350 plants installed in the flexible packaging industry, make us a worldwide reliable partner for air treatment

Giuseppe Dell’acqua Managing Director




Our  main technologies concern the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and specially: Solvent recovery and RTO units.

  • Solvent recovery plants:

We realize solvent recovery plants with activated carbon adsorption in most different field, employing,  processes with nitrogen (employed in presence of water soluble solvent)or with steam regeneration (employed in presence of water low soluble solvents)

Due to our yearlong experience we developed, besides “standard” solvent recovery plants, also solutions on skid in compact and modular type.

DCT installed more than 150 solvent recovery plants worldwide from 2.000 to 560.000 Nm3/h.

  • DCT new patented product: X-CSR

DCT’s innovative plant X-CSR is addressed to the printing industries and aims to extend solvent recovery technology, generally adopted only by big companies, also to small converters using a lower volume of solvent.

A polluted air flow of from 25.000 to 150.000 m³/h containing solvent is cleaned, reaching emissions of 50 mg/Nm3, passing through an activated carbon bed. The solvent “trapped” into the activated carbon is removed and recovered during the activated carbon regeneration using hot nitrogen and vacuum desorption.

  • RTO

The Regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) allows solvent oxidation by increasing the polluted air temperature over 750-800 °C with a high efficiency heat recovery system using ceramic media.

Starting from 1995 till today, Donau Carbon Technologies, with more than 350 oxidisers having capacities between 5.000 and 200.000 Nm3/h, achieved very high performance, quality and reliability levels.


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