Company profile

SAM Europe is part of the Korean group SAM (Sung An Machinery), a global leader in the manufacturing and engineering of converting machinery.
Founded in 1960 and based in the Mado industrial area by Seoul, today it operates four companies (2 in Korea, 1 in the US and 1 in Italy) and an agent network covering over 30 countries. From 1977, when it began its export business, SAM has made over 650 successful installations worldwide and in 2013 it founded SAM Europe Srl in Casale Monferrato, the group’s European branch office.

SAM has cutting-edge production sites as well as several specialized centers where it promotes R&D activities. These include the Printing Technology Center, the SPEL Laboratory (SAM Printed Electronics Laboratory) in Korea and the Extrusion Technology Center in New York (USA). In turn, SAM Europe does not just deal with sales and post-sale service in the European and Latin American markets, but supplies components to the whole group and carries out R&D activities, especially for coating and printing machines.

SAM ensures 360-degree service and 24/7 customer assistance, both remote and on-site. The main target market is the converting industry, with particular reference to flexible packaging applications in pharmaceuticals and food, where consumption of aluminium packaging is high.


SAM is your partner for the converting business. In order to become a world leading enterprise through technology, SAM has expanded its market in the Flexible packaging & converting industry with good reputation of being an excellent supplier of machines and service in the global market.

Dong Seong Shin CEO of SAM – Sung An Machinery



SAM manufactures and supplies coating machines, extrusion coaters and laminators, and gravure printing machines.
The hardware and software employed in SAM machinery is developed in-house by NCT (New Technology Control), one of the two Korean companies of the group, which also works for other non-competing companies. Production is done entirely by the mother house, where the machines are assembled in their final configuration and tested for mechanics and electronics so as to be installed quickly and hassle-free with a world-class service.
In addition to selecting high-tech suppliers, which ensure high-quality components on which the reliability and durability of SAM machinery is based, the Korean group makes continuous investment in technology to secure state-of-the-art equipment for the development of innovative machinery and provide users with increased value in terms of distinctiveness and profitability.
The last project SAM completed in chronological order is a new pilot line for coating: a machine width 1000 mm operating at a speed of 900 m/min and capable of using over 30 different spreading/coating systems.

Other examples of SAM’s production include:

  • roto printing machine, model Sprinter 350, ribbon width 1250 mm, speed 350 m/min;
  • solventless silicon spreading line, ribbon width 1620 mm, speed 400 m/min;
  • silicon paper and self-adhesive label production line, ribbon width 1650 mm, speed 550 m/min;
  • tandem co-extrusion line with post-coating, ribbon width 1400 mm, speed 350 m/min;
  • tandem co-extrusion and laminating line with or without solvent, ribbon width 1650 mm, speed 500 m/min.


Via Ruffino Aliora, 32
15033 Casale Monferrato (AL) - Italy