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Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A. is an italian based company that has been operating in the printing and converting machinery field for 30 years. The company is involved into the research, development and manufacturing of multi-process printing and finishing systems ranging from narrow web to mid web.

Lombardi technology is conceived in a modular way: all the presses can be configured based on the specific needs of the customers, in constant search for optimal solutions.

With more than 1500 installations worldwide, Lombardi name is renowned for its quality and high tech content.

Constant investments in research and development of new technologies have allowed the company to grow exponentially both on the structural and dimensional front.

Developing “State of the Art” flexo printing and finishing machines is the company Mission.

High performance, userfriendliness, low waste and high run time ratio are the main values.

Customer Satisfaction is achieved through Engineering machines with high technological content and future oriented design: the true soul of ‘Made in Italy’.

Lombardi helps its customers to run their businesses in terms of Efficiency and Effectiveness and its customer service enables to support operations in real time through remote control technology.



Lombardi’s range of printing presses includes:

FLEXOLINE: entry level full servo flexo press for labels.

SYNCHROLINE: full servo automatic flexo press with no limits of workable substrate.

INVICTA: mid web flexographic press with 10 engines for each printing unit and sleeve technology.

DIGISTAR: the best solution for finishing and fine labels.

The range of modules that can be integrated in line with Lombard machines is the widest: from TORO (revolutionary hot stamping unit) to BRAVO (screen printing unit).


Via del Mella, 61/63
25131 Brescia - ITALY



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