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Born from the union and synergy of specialized and diversified companies, the IMS TECHNOLOGIES Group is the international reference point in engineering and manufacturing of high-tech customized machinery in different sectors such as Converting, Packaging, Automotive and other industries.
Thanks to its extensive know-how and expertise and its long history, stretching back to 1851, IMS TECHNOLOGIES is able to develop solutions complying with the highest standards in terms of productivity, quality and precision and to offer them to the market through its world-renowned brands.


“We want to be the leading worldwide player in designing and manufacturing converting machinery, known for excellence in quality, innovative spirit, and state-of-the-art technologies. Since 1851, we have been building long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders, given special attention to our customers who we help grow, based on our passion and deep knowledge about the materials and manufacturing processes.”




Through its brands GOEBEL IMS and LAEM IMS, IMS TECHNOLOGIES is a worldwide leader in building of converting machinery. GOEBEL IMS is well known for its wide range of slitter rewinders, un – and rewinders and special machines, both for producers and converters of paper, film and alufoil. LAEM IMS is specialized in slitting and winding machinery for the converting and flexible packaging industries, in particular twin-shaft and high productivity turret machines able to process different materials. In the Converting and Packaging field, the Group operates through ROTOMAC, the first world provider of rewinders and ancillary machines (cartoners and packaging machines, …) for the production of aluminium, cling film and baking paper rolls for domestic and professional use. In the Automotive field, IMS TECHNOLOGIES operates with the brands DELTAMATIC, specialized in the design and production of thermoforming lines for automotive interiors, and KASPER, a key supplier for the major US automotive players providing turning and boring systems as well as precision dimensional control systems. Finally, with the DELTAMOULD brand, the Group produces moulds for aluminium alloy for different industries.

Via Cav. Beretta, 25
24050 Calcinate (BG) - Italy


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