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Fotoincisione Rhodense is a firm specializing in the production and engraving of gravure cylinders. The company was founded in 1959 thanks to the owner’s entrepreneurial spirit and to his decade-long experience in rotogravure.
The company cornered the market from the very beginning because of the quality of the manufacture and services. Over the years it has developed both from a technical point of view, increasing its technical facilities, and in the experience of its personnel, which has led to standards of increasingly high quality.
Maintaining the features of a typical medium-sized firm, where dynamism, flexibility, team spirit and efficiency are fundamental, the company has been able to identify customers’ problems and needs and devise the best solutions.
The continuous process of modernization has made it a leading presence in its field. Today it keeps pace, meeting the demands of an increasingly specialized and growing market.

The continuos process of modernization has made it a leading presence in its field. Today it keeps pace, meeting the demands of an increasingly specialized and grooving market.

Our firm provides the customer with a complete in-house service, ranging from preparation of the working drawings with relevant cross sections to possible system designs and manufacture of the steel cylinder, up to engraving and testing of this cylinder. This ensures constant control of each individual process.


“Our mission is to satisfy the requirements of the customers with professionalism, experience and dynamism to guarantee high quality services.
To reach our goal we draw on a qualified and expert technical staff together with a constant modernization of our technologies.
Our top priority is to meet our customers’ needs. For this reason we support them through the entire production process, from initiation of the order to delivery, always maintaining as cornerstones technical efficiency and the pursuit of constant improvement.”

Fotoincisione  Rhodense  srl


Construction and copperplating

We can offer a full service. Our job starts in our plant with the construction of cylinders and with copperplating before engraving.

Grinding and polishing

Once the cylinders have been copperplated, they are ground and polished. These procedures guarantee their perfect geometry. At the end of this process the cylinders are ready to be engraved.

Autotypography Engraving

This type of engraving is still essential for some types of fabrication, such as textile engraving, which requires depth engraving.

Electronic engraving

Our advanced technology allows us to offer a high quality standard, thanks to the precision we achieve by scanning and computerizing the image.

Graphics department

Our graphics department, in close collaboration with the customer, plans and/or refines graphics files and data to set them up for engraving, producing working drawings.

Graphics-making takes advantage of highly qualified and creative human resources able to work with complete autonomy, of cutting-edge software and hardware , and can provide an ad hoc solution to a large number of packaging requirements.

Print test/cylinder proof

Before delivering to the customer, we carry out a test to make sure that the whole procedure has been completed successfully. This print test lets us run an additional check and make any necessary adjustments before delivery.

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