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Europrogetti, certified ISO 9001, started manufacturing paper and cardboard converting machinery in 1990. Established over the years, today Europrogetti engineers and manufactures automatic lines which are used by box making and converting companies to produce rigid cardboard boxes wrapped with paper and to laminate various kinds of paper/paperboard with rigid cardboard/E-flute.
Europrogetti works in close cooperation with other companies specializing in software and electrical design and in manufacturing mechanical components.


“Our mission is to be world leader in supplying extremely flexible automatic lines for box-making and converting companies.”

Lamberto Saletti Manager



From the initial product portfolio developed for the footwear industry, which required rather standard-size boxes, today Europrogetti caters to a much more complex, diversified demand by supplying machines manufacturing non-standard, high-quality boxes in a wide range of shapes and sizes used in many different industries: from custom jewelry to clothing, from cosmetics/ perfumery to toys, from videotapes to CD-ROMs, from confectionery to containers for wines or liquors, to cell phones, etc.
The box making lines stand out for their flexibility, rapid size change-over, adjustable pressing time, finishing of the box on the long or short side, standard or sequential inside turn-in, standard, “T-shape” or “double T-shape” wrapping, patented anti-air bubbles system, absence of heat-sealing tape, possibility of stitching with adhesive labels. The laminating line can be integrated with a flap-wrapping machine and it is used for the production of displays, board games, puzzles, etc.


Via delle Prata 167/A
53048 Sinalunga (SI) – Italy


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