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Enimac was founded in 2013 by Biemme Adesivi, a 3M Preferred Converter since 1965, after several years of in-house prototyping, developing solutions for clients’ tape application problems.

We are headquartered in Cornaredo, Italy and design, manufacture and sell tape application machines in over 30 countries worldwide including the United States, Canada, Chile, the UK, Germany, France, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Thailand.

Whether it’s reducing your tape application bottleneck to shorten process times, increasing process flexibility or dedicating current tape application personnel to more value-added activities, all of these improve the bottom line.

We offer high quality, easily maintained, versatile tape application solutions from people who apply tape for people who apply tape.


Our goal is to supply customers a tape application solution, not just a machine, not just tape.

Andrea Paulotto CEO & Founder



We divide our business into three areas, offering clients personalized levels

of automation:

Standard tape application machines:  hand-fed standard tape application solutions (X-treme Light and X-treme PRO) which do not require compressed air, eliminating another maintenance issue and making them completely mobile. All inputs are via touchscreen allowing for fine-tuning and quick setup times for different jobs.

For small/medium format substrates we offer our X-treme Light, which is available in 700mm and 1000mm wide models with speeds up to 35m/min and up to 4 applicators allowing clients to apply multiple strips of tape in one pass to substrates up to 10mm thick. We also offer a feeder for even higher productivity. For larger, or processing of several smaller, formats we offer our X-treme PRO, which accepts substrates up to 1600mm wide and 15mm thick. For the PRO we also offer our our X-treme RW applicators able to apply adhesive and rewind the liner allowing for immediate assembly.

Tape applicator integration projects : these allow our clients to add tape application to existing equipment

Custom tape application systems: complete solutions fully automating tape application from “pallet to product”, not only for the print, POS, & packaging industries but also signage, automotive, plastics, furniture and white goods.


What customers are saying:

“Why did we not buy this machine earlier?” (Belgium)

“We have saved so much money in labor and time going with this machine. What used to take us 6 guys 7 days by hand, now takes 2 guys 2 days.  This machine is very user friendly.”  (USA)

“We are able to process a very matte and very black card.  I did not think this would work as none of the electronic eyes in our printing presses “see” this material, but it works just great on your machine.“ (Canada)

Via Monzoro, 58
20010 Cornaredo (MI) - Italia


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