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Solema manufactures machines and systems for industrial automation in graphic arts and board converting. In-house handling of all engineering, manufacture and assembly phases enables it to have complete, constant control of the entire production process and provide efficient, flexible answers in any situation. Solema products are distributed on a global scale through the company’s own representative offices in Germany and the US, as well as a network of agents covering other areas. The company’s partners works with passion and professionalism all over the world. Their knowledge of individual markets and the respective needs, coupled with the ability to new create customized solutions based on the standard elements of the product portfolio enable Solema to provide the best response to any need on any market. A combination of attention to clients and reliable production underpins the company’s success: «We created automatic transportation systems for books, magazines, book cases. Bookbinders needed to make the best use of the available space. We designed Drying Station, Marte, Mini Sol.
And when production processes required a faster handling of deliveries, we answered with Magic Box, Pluton, Venus. One of our clients also prepared hard cover cases with a Roda Gandria. He told us that machine had been working non-stop for decades, always consistent, accurate. Today hard cover cases are still prepared with a Gandria. Solema Gandria. Today Solema’s thirty-year experience serves the graphic arts and packaging industry».

Engineering, manufacture, sales and post-sales are the faces of Solema, a company where the technical and sales department always cooperate closely to answer the industry’s two crucial needs: optimize space, optimize time.

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Graphic Arts (website here)
Since the early 80’s Solema develops and manufactures flexible transportation systems as well as machinery designed for the automation of the production of books, magazines and newspapers.
Optimization of line profitability and the continuous improvement in the safety and ergonomics of movements across all steps of the production process have always been at the heart of Solema’s engineering.
For this reason, the company’s solutions are used by major players in the graphic arts industry worldwide.

Board converting (website here)
The Solema board division manufactures machinery for the production of flexible packaging systems.
Pads, angular, protections, supports, fillers, trays, dividers, partitions are cut, scored, creased, perforated, folded and assembled automatically thanks to the new generation of Solema machines integrating the experience and robustness of Roda – a historic company in the industry acquired by Solema from BHS Corrugated in 2013.
Today the flexibility and versatility of Solema solutions are also put at the service of the corrugated and solid board sector, constantly searching for new solutions for the optimization of productivity and profitability in converting processes.


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