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Thanks to the close collaboration with leading international companies that develop software solutions for the generation and distribution of documents for printing or visualization, and also by virtue of the many years of experience gained over the years by its staff at major multinational IT companies, since 1993 Shazam I.T. is a reference point in the area of information technology for medium / large companies in any sector.

Our Mission
In almost 30 years of activity we have responded to the evolution of the market, often proactively anticipating the needs that companies would have expressed.

From the initial phase characterized by the offer of solutions for corporate paper printing, we have gradually moved on to propose software solutions for the generation, conversion, optimization and multichannel distribution of ‘documents’ that is written, printed or electronic, which provide information and more: from the product catalog to the transport document, from the labels to the account statement, etc..

We are first of all consultants that starting from the needs and objectives of our customers after careful feasibility studies propose the most suitable software solutions for the high performance/price ratio to make processes more efficient.

We know how important this is, at all output levels, through innovative solutions that save money, improve ROI and promote the growth of the customer company.

Seriousness and professionalism are essential to guarantee our customer products, services and assistance at the highest levels.


“We project ourselves into the future with a total commitment to the customer. We search among the best solutions on the market the most innovative, which help our customer to work better, so that his IT investments, as well as secure, ensure a high return in terms of greater efficiency through cost savings. In an offer made up of both consulting and feasibility studies, as well as solutions and services to optimize the IT activities and processes connected to them with a rapid, reliable and professional intervention to support our customers on their mission-critical systems, it is essential to build relationships based on trust, integrity and partnership, even on medium-term commitments that promote maximum return on the customer’s investment.”

Giovanni Artini CEO – Managing Director



Shazam I. T. resells, installs, customizes and supports a wide range of software solutions, designed by leading companies in their business sector, addressed to companies, organizations and public sector for the documents’ production and distribution for printing or viewing.

  • Automatic and Dynamic Creation, Re-Pagination of Catalogs, Price Lists, Offers and Structured Documents
    • Leaflet – the most powerful software for the creation and publication of catalogues, price lists and products, data sheets, offers and structured documents from database.
    • InBetween – The Database Publishing solution that dynamically automates the creation of your marketing and sales material by accelerating communication, improving the publishing process and reducing cost
  • Optimization, Editing, PDF File Re-Engineering, Format Conversion and Print Streams
    • ReadyPDF – the solution for optimizing PDF files aimed at processing them more efficiently for electronic delivery, archiving and production printing
    • Rubika – the post-composition re-engineering solution that enhances PDF documents including AR
    • SPDE – the solution for language and print flow conversion and printer management
    • iCONVERT – the online conversion solution from IBM AFP
    • PrePrint – the Prescribe printer emulation solution to convert to PCL, PostScript, PDF
  • Document Creation and Generation, Variable Data Management and Multi-Channel Distribution
    • DocForm – enables automated generation of high volume electronic, mobile, email, and print variable data-driven business communications
    • Paris – the solution for creating and generating documents from variable data for printers and PDF file generation functions
    • DesignPro Tools – the solution for creating and generating resources for Xerox and IBM AFP print environments
  • Multi-Channel Workflow, Print & Output Management
    • OM Plus – the Enterprise Print and Output Management solution to simplify your document processes
    • SOLitrack – the print management solution with real-time mobile print workflow management and control
    • DocRecord – the document and content management solution with automatic workflows
    • WorkPath – the solution for automated and advanced document management from the Desktop
    • Capture – the solution for automatic and intelligent capture and extraction with data workflow from scanned and electronic documents
    • BHCS – the solution for RJE, NJE, TCP/IP connection to IBM Mainframe

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