Company profile

RIMOR S.r.l. founded in 1987, is active in the industrial ventilation sector. It was born as Marelli Motori distributor to commercialise electric motors, exhausters and equipment for air treatment.

RIMOR S.r.l., over the years, has grown thanks to a rich experience in a series of diversified projects.

To increase and integrate its productive capacity, in 2014, Rimor S.r.l. acquired Camit S.r.l. which was completely merged in 2020, becoming one of the most valuable brands of the Rimor group. Moreover in 2020, Rimor S.r.l. acquired Tekimp S.r.l and Rimor AE S.r.l. and now the companies constitute a business group with combined annual revenue of 15 million euros; three headquarters with a combined surface of 7’000 mq, with a total of over 65 employees who use the latest technologies for the development of their products.

RIMOR S.r.l. manufactures industrial components, industrial ventilation machinery, air treatment systems and develops industrial ventilation plants.

CAMIT S.r.l. has designed and developed industrial plants for surface treatments since 1997, and TEKIMP S.r.l. has designed and developed automatic industrial plants for surface treatment since 2000. Rimor AE Service (previously known as AE Elettromeccanica) has been active in the reparation and maintenance of electric machines and components since 1967.

CAMIT S.r.l. develops sandblasting plants, painting plants and shot blasting plants.

TEKIMP S.r.l. develops automatic cataphoresis coating systems, powder coating systems, liquid coating systems and washing and surface pre-treatment systems for metals.

The acquisitions have strengthened the companies’ productive, commercial and distribution capacities. Both companies are certified ISO 9001:2015, and although they are independent, they operate in conjunction worldwide.

The companies actively maintain a stable financial situation to manage important orders and projects successfully.

Organizational Structure:

  • Design and Product Development Office;
  • Simulation and Product Technical Test Department;
  • Technical Sales Office;
  • Purchasing Office;
  • Quality Management Office;
  • Production Department;
  • Machinery Installation Management;
  • After Sales Assistance


“We strive to provide the best custom built solutions for the industrial process ventilation sector through products and systems of excellent quality that integrate perfectly with the clients production lines. Safety, reliability and respect for the environment coupled with energy savings and low noise emissions are cornerstones of our company philosophy.”

Alessandro Avonto, CEO




Construction and installation of components and complete systems for the industrial ventilation sector and the metal surface treatment sector. Manufacturing of ventilation systems and filtration systems. Construction and assembly of soundproof cabins, sandblasting plants, painting plants and cataphoresis coating systems. Components for painting plants such as handling systems, ovens, paint booths, water treatment systems. Construction and installation of cooling and or heating systems for industrial use.


Rimor has set the goal to establish a management system that allows a real and effective control on the business processes.

The goal is to achieve and continuously increase customer satisfaction.

To achieve this result a continuous improvement process that involves the entire company has been established.

  • Plan – establish goals and useful processes and processes in compliance with customer requirements and to the company policy and organise an intervention program.
  • Do – implement the plan
  • Check – analyse processes and products
  • Act – Improve with corrective actions regarding process improvement

Fundamental Principals:

  • Satisfy customer needs by guaranteeing an adequate level of product conformity and by improving interpersonal communication with the clients in order to understand their needs better and therefore strive to satisfy them.
  • Expand and consolidate our market shares in Italy and abroad.
  • Collaborate with suppliers and establish relationship of partnership with them;
  • Maintain our Quality Management System certification implemented in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 norms by an accredited third party;
  • Continuously improve the safety level by implementing a management system inspired to OHSAS 18001 norm;
  • Ensure a continuous learning and training program of the personnel and increase their engagement through meetings and sharing moments.

Via Luigi Santagata 43
10156 Torino (TO) - Italy


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