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Founded in 2011, Packaging Plast is a privately owned company that started off as a precision engineering business and quickly became a sub-supplier of plastic parts for some well-known printing and converting machinery manufacturers.

Having built up a reputation in solving many types of technical issues and problems, the company started to be contacted by converters directly, especially in the area of chamber doctor blades. As the know-how and experience developed rapidly, so came the realization that plastic chambers were simply too flexible and traditional aluminum chambers corroded too easily.

After careful studies and research, carbon fiber proved to be the ideal solution for all the issues complained of by converters and related to flexographic printing units. After enhancing its knowledge of carbon fibre, Packaging Plast rapidly rose positions in the list of suppliers of the corrugated cardboard industry entering as well the tissue and flexible packaging markets.

The consensus built among End Users on an International scenario has highlighted a growing interest also from OEM’s, some of which nowadays are fitting their new machines with the Packaging Plast chambers as a standard equipment.

The added value that characterizes us is the support we can give to the customer starting from identifying the right solution needed to achieve the desired result, through the design and implementation of the system.

Emanuel De Zanet Founder & Chief Executive Officer




The doctor blade chambers are 100% carbon fibre, with five layers of carbon fibre skin. The housing for the spring mounted clamping system is molded into the carbon fibre thus eliminating drills into the fibre and glue-in components.

Packaging Plast systems can be installed on CI as well as in-line flexo presses and are suitable for the full spectrum of flexo printed products from corrugated board to flexible films, including tissue paper.

Whether the need is to replace an old rubber roller system to improve print quality, or upgrading a corroded or damaged aluminum single blade or cavity, Packaging Plast can supply a state of the art solution in total Carbon Fibre Chamber.

Main advantages:

  • Corrosion free
  • Rigidity
  • Lightness
  • Absorption of vibration
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Unlimited life of surface
  • Ink and water savings
  • Manpower savings

The range of chambers which can be supplied up to 6 meters in width are offered as:

  • Genius DRD 10 – asymmetrical profile for removing back doctoring
  • Genius DRD 20 – symmetrical profile, multipurpose
  • Genius DRS 20 – single blade profile, specifically designed for corrugated and for encouraging the conversion of inking rubber roller systems
  • Genius DRD 30 – symmetrical profile, specifically designed for large widths and anilox roll diameter over 400 mm.
  • Genius DRS 30 – single blade profile, specifically designed for tissue converting with anilox roll diameter over 300 mm.


Via Vecchia Morano 38
15033 Casale Monferrato (AL) - Italy


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