Company profile

ICR was founded in 1976 and over time it has continued renewing itself to better cater to different needs related to graphic preparation for printing down to sharing gravure know-how.
ICR’s activity is marked by profound technical expertise and a continuous search for innovation to offer clients the best solutions to everchanging issues through an ongoing dialogue with all players in the rotogravure scene.
The entire production process from reception of the original fi le from the client to engraving and cylinders’ print proof is monitored through our Color Management System: all machines and peripherals involved in production are constantly calibrated and monitored by a specifi c software ensuring quality results under all aspects.
ICR’s Research and Development department is currently considering the addition of laser direct engraving of roto cylinders on copper to the company’s production.
ICR also supplies consulting services and expertise for the production of cylinders and staff training.

ICR is committed to supplying its clients with quality matrix cylinders ensuring optimal results against the approved color proof, while minimizing time and start-up waste.

Gianmatteo Maggioni Sales Manager



ICR’s repro department is designed to provide an end-to-end service for all printing types (roto, fl exo, offset, digital), from reception of the client’s file to color proofing.
Next-generation hardware and software optimize the production fl ow as well as communication with the client to manage approvals. A 3D scanner allows the reproduction of any sample supplied, with the capacity of integrating a 3D effect in a 2D file, or separating the embossing channel for a specific engraved cylinder.

The cylinder production department is extremely flexible and mirrors the company’s technological evolution over forty years in the business.
It features traditional galvanic tanks and 2 fully automated and integrated Autocon lines, including engraving and chrome plating.

The engraving lines meet any need of a full range of roto applications. ICR benefi ts from 7 Helioklischograph as well as Exactus technology for autotypical electrolytic engraving with laser exposition, producing customized cylinders of any size for any rotogravure application.
It has multiple fields of application including: flexible packaging, decorative packaging, tobacco, security paper as well as any special application requiring high definition or depth.




Via I Maggio 13 (Zona Industriale Ovest)
21040 Origgio (VA) - Italy