Company profile

Since 1996, I&C has operated in the Italian graphic arts and packaging industries as representative of national and international companies producing innovative solutions for process control requirements, and automated systems for the management, handling and palletizing of reels and pallets.
I&C offers technologies and services that help printers achieve their planned development in an increasingly competitive market.
Thanks to the experience and professional skills of the company’s team, I&C works with a large number of industrial firms in the delicate transition to more complex and efficient productive processes. The key factors behind I&C’s success are on the one hand the close cooperation with customers, in order to identify their real operating requirements so as to propose unique solutions, and on the other hand a prompt, highly-professional customer care service. In 2002 the company signed a joint-venture agreement with Gama Srl for the promotion of the ink control and correction systems improving print quality and reducing wastage. In addition, I&C owns an engineering department for the automation of logistics within the packaging and paper manufacturing industries (intensive warehouses for reels, rotogravure cylinders and flexography plates, automated LGV shuttle systems, automated reel unloading from the cutters and the corresponding palletizing).


To recognize the problems in the production processes, search for innovative and personalized solutions in order to support the clients in reaching planned production and expected profits.

Elisa Conselvan Marketing Manager



I&C offers a full range of process control and automation systems capable of meeting all printing and converting process requirements.

The company’s range of products comprises:

  • quality control systems for monitoring the viscosity of inks, adhesives and varnishes (vibration and drop-ball technology viscometers); temperature control and regulation systems;
  • colour and matrix control systems; dot measurers for photopolymer plates, spectrodensitometers, densitometers;
  • plate mounting systems for cylinders and sleeves;
  • logistic systems and solutions: automatic handling systems featuring LGV technology, unloading and palletizing of reels, automatic and vertical stocks;
  • printing accessories and products: Ford 4 viscometer cups, colour control stations, view systems, stroboscopic lamps, and ink filters.