Company profile

Grafikontrol was established in 1969 and is recognized as world leader in manufacturing press controls for the graphic industry.

The product range includes register controls, 100% and statistical print inspection, base surface inspection, closed loop color, in-line color measurement and color management software.

The systems developed by Grafikontrol are dedicated to gravure and flexo presses (for flexible packaging printing), to Commercial offset, Newspaper, Rotogravure publication and metal decoration. The products are worldwide recognized and appreciated by leading global printing companies for their excellent performance. The work done in partnership with professionals printers and the close cooperation with the manufacturers contributed to the success of Grafikontrol.

Over the years, the company was able to develop high-performance systems to increase efficiency in printing processes and reducing the waste.

Grafikontrol constantly invests in R&D to find the best customized solutions for the needs of each client.

The company is worldwide represented by an extensive network of agencies, many of which ensure local technical support in addition to that provided by Grafikontrol Italy.


Driven by our motto, “Inspired by Technology,” Grafikontrol is dedicated to producing superior, high-performance control systems for the printing industry. We marry the best of high-tech components with the essence of Italian engineering to produce best-of-industry products with a made-in-Italy heart.

Paolo De Grandis Sales & Marketing Director



Grafikontrol’s next-generation systems for the packaging industry.

MATRIX is a sampling video camera which operates as an independent system or in combination with Lynex 100% print inspection. It is equipped with motorized zoom for the viewing of print details and can be supplied with a specific software for automatic defect detection, thus providing the operator with a more effective print control tool compared to simple web viewer.

MATRIX C/S is the new dual camera system for the simultaneous display of front to back register (cold-seal or varnish on back side)

PARVIX is a simple web viewing system. The 24” multi-touch with user friendly interface provides an excellent image quality and realistic colour reproduction

LYNEX is a 100% print inspection system. It ensures the inspection of the entire web by automatically detecting and classifying all flaws; it also provides an analysis of the total production and visualizes in real time the entire print format on an ultra HD 32” monitor (55” monitor as optional).

LYNEX-S is a 100% print inspection system for gravure, flexo, offset, dedicated to narrow web and neutral film including all the LYNEX features

LYNEX C/S is a 100% print inspection system for gravure and flexo dedicated to inspect clear coating and varnishes. In combination with Lynex provides the total control on both sides of a printed web.

PROGREX combines the functions of Matrix and Lynex. The combination of these two technologies forms a complete and easy-to-use tool that helps the operator in every control phase. The system is suitable for gravure, flexo and offset processes.

CHROMALAB is an inline spectrophotometer that provides real time color measurement from dedicated color patches or from the image areas. Spectral variations of color are analysed with a dedicated software and fed to an ink dispension system to dose the perfect correction for each color. This modifies the composition of the ink to obtain the desired color (color matching).

EASY TRACKER is the innovative system for defect tracking through the process from printing to slitting. Combined with our 100% inspection systems (Lynex or Progrex), the Easy tracker’s revolutionary ink-jet coding system identifies the exact location of every defect in the roll. When the printed roll is mounted onto the slitter, the Easy tracker immediately downloads the relative roll file containing the defect’s positions and images for the processing. Easy tracker controls the slitter to automatically stop at each defect. Grafikontrol editing software allows quality control managers to confirm which defects must be removed. This allows the fastest possible processing in the slitting department and no customer rejects.

CR33 and CR34 are register control systems used to automatically correct and maintain the color register during the printing process on roto and flexo presses.